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Sitarist Jonathan Mayer teams up with tabla player
Denis Kucherov to create a spiritual journey through music in this album of Indian inspired extemporisation. Indian music has a long tradition of creating a rasa ‘mood’ suitable for the time of day and environment and these recordings will transport you with a glorious escapism for your inner wellbeing.

Jonathan Mayer sitar
Denis Kucherov tabla

1. Cycles of Life
2. Nectar of Joy
3. Cosmic Journey
4. Melody of Water

Released 6th January 2023 (digital platforms only)

Recorded 14 April 2022
24bit recording and editing by Jonathan Mayer
Mastered by Vladimir Nesgovorov
Album image by Vel

Ganesha Sharanam

Introducing the amazing talent of Hilda Ruijs under the production of Denis Kucherov, an uplifting song praising Lord Ganesh.

Denis Kucherov arranger, handpan, tabla
Hilda Ruijs vocals
Jonathan Mayer sitar
Ildar Khabibullin vocals
Pravin basuri

1. Ganesha Sharanam

Released 10 March 2023 (digital platforms only)

Recorded 03 May 2022
24bit recording and editing by Denis Kuchrov
Produced by Denis Kucherov
Mastered by Vladimir Nesgovorof
Album image by Dmitry Rubanik


A spiritual Odyssey in three movements. Documenting a climb up the Holy Mountain in Mongolia in the summer of 2006. In reality we always must come down from the holy mountain; in this music I envision what might have been had I remained on its peak. (Doctor Tromans)

Doctor Tromans keyboards, mixing

1. Ascension [43:54]

Released 17 March 2023 (digital platforms only)

Recorded March 2021
Album image by Doctor Tromans

Released 10 March 2023 (digital platforms only)

Silent Spaces
Soundtrack to the Movie


Silent Spaces is the soundtrack to a movie of the imagination. Each track imagines the scenes of a film yet to be – opening titles, love theme, various other key moments in a movie,  concluding with the end credits. The listener is invited to imagine their own film while experiencing the music. (Doctor Tromans)

Doctor Tromans all instruments, mixing, concept

1. Main Title – Opening Credits
2. Love Theme
3. Manifesto
4. Memories – A Somewhere
5. City Streets – Alone, the Rain
6. Epilogue
7. End Credits – Closing Theme

Released 5 May 2023 (digital platforms only)

Recorded October 2020
Album image by Doctor Tromans

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